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Bucegi Mountains Trips

Bucegi Mountains Trips – for those who are passionate about heights

Taking Bucegi Mountains Trips, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular mountain views in the Prahova Valley or even in the whole country. You will surely be delighted by this huge, massive and steep plateau and you will be left with unforgettable memories. If you are passionate about mountaineering, then the Bucegi Mountains Trips are the perfect choice.

Here are over 15 peaks that exceed 2000 meters. Of which the highest is the Omu Peak which reaches an altitude of 2505m. The route to Omu Peak is accessible only during the summer. Because it is not an easy route and can only be traveled with the appropriate equipment. During the route you will often have the impression that you have reached the end but in fact there is still a lot to climb. The final part of the road is the most difficult but it is worth every gram of effort!

Bucegi Mountains TripsThe cross on Caraiman – a variant for the Bucegi Mountains Trips

The cross on Mount Caraiman or the Cross of the Heroes is a historical monument built between 1924-1928. This symbol of the Bucegi Mountains was erected in memory of the heroes who fell in the First World War, on the Prahova Valley. In 2013 it was named the highest cross in the world on a mountain. Our Bucegi Mountains Trips to the Cross on Caraiman can be made by anyone because the road is easy and accessible. The route is a fascinating one. There are special mountain landscapes and if you are lucky you will be able to admire the Edelweiss, a flower protected by law.

The Sphinx and ”Babele” – Bucegi Mountains Trips with spectacular views

One of the biggest tourist attractions of the Bucegi Mountains is the Sphinx. The stone block received this name due to its physical resemblance to a human face, more precisely to the Egyptian Sphinx. Near the Sphinx you will find other rock formations called ”Babele”. They are called like this (”The old ladies”) because they are near the Baba Mare (”The Big Old Lady”) peak. To take any Bucegi Mountains trips to the Sphinx and ”Babele” you can take the cable car from the Busteni resort. Or you can walk on the Jepilor Valley, a route accessible only during the summer. Taking this route will be impress you. There are wonderful views from the ridges full of the juniper bushes of Bucegi.

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